Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exciting news today!

I recieved this in my email today......

Dear Families,
We are pleased to announce the referral of 5 children today and 1 yesterday.
The children are: 3 girls and 3 boys ranging in age from 6 months to 6years old. Actually - 6 mos, 11 mos, 13mos, 20 mos, 21mos and 6 yrs. Congratulations to all of the families and hopefully this will encourage those that still wait to know that referrals continue to come in and your time will come as well. These families waited between 3 to 7months for their referrals.
Unfortunately no sibling groups were in with these referrals. Pleaseknow that the US staff as well as our Ethiopia staff realize how long several of you have waited for your sibling referrals and we are looking forward to the day when we can call you and offer you your referrals. Keep the faith.

That is very exciting news...I have no idea where we are in line, but I know its getting closer. We are about to hit the 6 month mark. I spent all afternoon thinking about what it will be like to get the call and when we first see her little face in a photo.

All for now....

Friday, October 3, 2008

I know..im a bad blogger!

We just haven't had any exciting news....but now we do! Its been alittle over 5 months!! It feels good to be moving closer to the front of the line! The last couple of weeks has been awesome for Children's Hope International...our agency. Five referrals during the first week of October. Last week there were a few more, one baby girl was only 7 weeks old!

Its pretty exciting..since these families who received their referrals were in the batch of dossiers that have been waiting since the end of March. So, our referral could be coming soon?! It would depend on how many families started their waiting in April. Those families would be in line in front of us, since we started the wait on May 6th.

So we finally have some baby furniture!! It was delivered last week. Its really cute, and we are excited to get the nursery ready. I will post some photos when we get closer to getting it completed! We waited to get closer to the window of the referral, to start the nursery - just in case it takes longer. We couldn't stand the thought of waiting for months and months with a empty nursery upstairs!

We have had a hard time making a decision on what room to use for the baby! One of our guest bedrooms is painted a deep eggplant color. The dramatic cathedral ceilings makes it a perfect room for the baby, but its so hard to decorate around that color! I even picked out a white crib, chest, dresser and hutch to hopefully lighten it up. SO we are now looking at possibly painting that room, or just using the bedroom next to it. So hard to decide!

Outside of adoption news, John and I have been enjoying our once a month trips. A couple weeks ago we flew to Burlington, Vermont. From Burlington we rented a car and took a beautiful drive into Canada. The leaves were just starting to change! Our destination was Montreal. We spent two wonderful nights in the Hotel Le Palace D'Arms. This hotel was fabulous. This was our room-

And then on to Quebec City!

Its a rainy day in Kansas City today. Definitely fall weather..October will be a busy month for us. We are hosting a get together at our home next week. John was able to get in touch with many old friends from his junior high he attended in Branson, using Facebook. A lot of them ended up in KC! We also have the Big Brother/Big Sister Halloween party that we are taking Lucas to! We need plan our costumes soon! At the end of the month we will be taking another fun trip to Toronto, Canada.
That's all the news for now! We are eagerly waiting for more referrals to come rolling in!
Here is another funny video...taken at work!