Sunday, April 11, 2010

WOW...its been 3 months since I blogged!!?!?!

Ok, I am back! I cant believe how fast time is going since we have brought Amara home! I am going to work hard on posting! In fact..I am going to try to post something everyday. Lets see.....Amara is almost 18 months old. She is very active and has the cutest bubbly big personality ever! Everyday she is saying a new word, yesterday it was shoe!

Amara is finally getting healthy again. We had alot of ear infections and months of getting sick. She had tubes placed in January, but it took a couple months to get her ears back to normal. I am anxious for her follow up appointment this summer to check her hearing. Before tubes, she hardly had any hearing in her right ear.

This time last year we waiting for our first court date, and waiting to see when we could bring baby tiny home. I am so glad that process is over and we can just enjoy sweet little Amara.

Here are some updated pics-

Amara is really enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt and Aunt Mechelles

Grandma Marlene (my mom) and Amara getting ready to sit down for Easter lunch

Cousin Katy and Amara