Thursday, August 28, 2008

Does your Dentist do this? Part 2

Another dental office web cam video. I requested the worm!! :-)
And yes....we DO see patients!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Its hard to believe that we are approaching the 4 month mark! I used to look at the 4 month mark as the "window" of actually getting a call for a referral. I hope we are getting into the window!! I think we are getting closer, but there hasn't been ANY referrals for the waiting families in quite a few weeks. We need to get a batch or two of referrals given out to move us up in line! When our dossier made it to Ethiopia, there were about 40 dossiers in front of ours. Luckily there were quite a few referrels given out since then, so we are hopefully in the 20's!

What is amazing though, is now there are close to 100 dossiers from our agency in Ethiopia right now. The wait times are getting longer. The wait time estimate used to be 4-6 months. I think right around the time when we completed everything the wait was extended to 6-12 months! Even though we are getting closer, I feel that its still so far away. We havent even started the nursery! The wait its starting to get hard........

But good news is....our adoption friends Shawn and Lisa are in Ethiopia right now!!!! (check out their blog) They left Saturday morning for the long journey to Addis. Right now..its late afternoon in Addis Ababa. So that means, they met there children a few hours ago. I cant wait to get an update from her!!! I cant stop thinking about them and what its been like on their journey!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too funny....

This was recored with the web cam at the office Does your dentist do this?!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Last weekend!

Things are WAY to quiet in the adoption world right now. I am really hoping to hear that some families are receiving referrals sometime soon?!?! I think all of us waiting families were getting spoiled that last few months hearing about other familes getting "the call"! Our agency has 2 or 3 families in ET now picking up children and 7 more will travel later this month. It has slowed down a bit...which is making our wait even longer!

So while we wait... John and I drove to the Northwoods of Wisconsin to his parents lake home. We thought it would be fun to take our little brother Lucas. This was a new experience for Lucas. He has never been on a boat or even around a lake! Lucas also did an awesome job on the 12 hour car ride from KC to Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin! I am posting some photos taken over the weekend.

We also had some VERY thoughtful family throw us a baby shower. Hopefully I will have some photos to post soon! Thank you Bob and Mary Kay, for hosting such a nice afternoon!

Lucas on his first ever boat ride - and he's driving!

Johns brother Mike (expert water skier) giving Lucas a lesson

Mike and Lucas

A visit to the hot dog stand

Lucas and our nephew Vlasty

The Boys

Sunday, August 3, 2008

BBQ and other fun things.....

Saturday was fun! Thank you to everyone who came to our home. We enjoyed the company and all the food everyone brought!

It was nice to see everyone again and meet new families who are sharing the experiences were are in this adoption process. I think we need to plan an evening out with everyone to meet up for some Ethiopian Cuisine! Unfortunately..I didn't take ANY photos! What was I thinking?!! Oh well, we just got caught up on chatting away with everyone.

We are also sending a prayer and good thoughts to Shawn and Lisa to make it through court tomorrow so they can be on there way to pick up their little ones. have to let me know as soon as you hear!!

Other thoughts...last week our "little brother" Lucas had a judo tournament. We really enjoyed watching him! John was so excited about it, he decide to participate in a match! I am so proud of him. Its been a few months since he has to his judo club, due to an injury. John was able to borrow a gi and here is the outcome-

(John is a black belt...but since he didn't have his gi with him, he used a competition belt which is red)
****Notice his dance move!