Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our cutie pie!

Amara is such a little blessing. I am so amazed how much she is changing everyday. She is so funny, and has her little bag of tricks that she pulls out to entertain anyone who is watching.

She is waving, blowing kisses, using a sippy cup and moving away from a bottle. She is getting to be a big girl with eating. She will eat anything, and wants to feed herself!

Its a matter of a few weeks and I think she will be walking. We cant wait for Christmas this year..its so fun to see Amara experience all these new things.

The adoption process was so hard, even more with the delay with abandonment child cases, but when I look into this little girls eyes, I would do it again and again. I am so wanting to start the process to go back for another child... There are so many children in Ethiopia and after spending time there and seeing the orphanages and the children who do not have homes it just breaks my heart. I also like the idea of Amara having a sibling with a shared heritage. So hopefully someday soon I can say that we are starting the process again. Unfortunately, there is that one thing, and that's paying for it! Its a little costly!

For now we will enjoying watching our Baby Tiny experience life and grow. I cant think of anything better.

My best friend Kristi made Amara a tutu and top. I must say its pretty adorable! Amara also enjoyed dressing up as a ladybug for Halloween!