Sunday, August 15, 2010

Its almost been one year!

We are quickly approaching Amara's "gotcha" day. I cant believe that she has been home with us for 1 year. We brought home a baby, and now we have this little person, who is walking, talking, screaming and running! We love her so much and it has been amazing for me to see this sweet little girl develop. You know, you always hear people say they grow up fast. I never really understood that until now!

So much has happened in the past year. John has left the International department at Farmland Foods, and now is heading up a pet food division. I know this will develop into something big for him. I am excited that he is not traveling for long periods of time anymore! That was so hard.
In early March I found out I was diabetic, which in may ways was good news for me. I couldn't figure out why I could never get over being sick with colds, or lose weight. Finding out that my blood sugar was out of control and now being able to control has helped out so much. After cutting out carbs and sugar, and taking some medication I have successfully been able to lower my numbers to non-diabetic levels. I also have dropped close to 40 pounds..and feeling really good!

John has lost a lot of weight to0, and taking up a pretty serious running hobby! He ran ten miles yesterday and is pretty dedicated about running 5-6 times a week.

My 35th birthday is not here yet....but Paul McCartney was in town for a concert. I have loved him since I was a kid! My generous husband bought tickets for my mom and I to go to the concert...not just any tickets..17th row tickets. We had a great time..something we will always remember!

Back to Amara.....Amara is talking up a storm. She loves to mimic and is a very quick little learner! I am still impressed with Amara's daycare, she loves going and they are teaching her so much.

We are excited to hear that Tseguy and Almaz are traveling from Ethiopia to the US next month. We are planning on going to St. Louis to meet up with them. Tseguy and Almaz run the House of Hope where Amara lived from the time she was 3 months old to 10.5 months.

Almaz and Tseguy August 2009

Amara, her daddy and grandpa are planning on take a road trip from Kansas City to California. This is a trip that John and his father enjoy together, but this year, they want to take Amara. Crazy?? Yes, but that's great! I am planning on meeting up with them by flying to San Fransisco for the weekend.

All for now. I have to get better at updating this blog. I spend so much time cooking and cleaning and taking care of Tiny, its hard to find the time!

Here are so photos of our cutie pie!

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